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And that’s a wrap- Week 1ish

Students came back to classes a week ago today.  In some ways it seems like too much time has passed for it only to have been 7 days.  I remember a teacher once contemplating becoming an administrator because, as a teacher, he was just too busy, there was too much to do.  Even then I thought, I bet there’s just as much for administrators as there is for a teacher.  Guess what? I was right…

So, first impressions and answered prayers:

Administrators can’t possibly do this job alone!  As I work on schedules and those dreaded drop/add slips, talk to students, answer emails and concerns from parents, keep track of what reasons kids are asking to miss school, and making a thousand other decisions daily, I keep thanking God for my teachers that are hourly pouring their hearts and wisdom into students. I thank Him for teachers who make a point of encouraging me or asking what they can do to help. I thank Him for the kids that are excited about this year and the kids that want a better year than they’ve had before.  And I thank Him for the hard moments, too. For the 6th grader that is so sad about how broken the world is and who is looking for why God seems to be so quiet.  I thank Him for the student who was sent out into the hall already, just 7 days into the year. I thank Him for the teachers who already have problems that they need wisdom in how to handle.  I thank God because He has already gone ahead of us in these things.  He is giving wisdom, softening hearts, encouraging the scared, and strengthening His people to do His work. And I am thankful.
Other answered prayers:

A schedule that works- it’s a little hairy at times, but it’s working for us!

Great teachers both in core classes and electives- teachers who are stepping out and trying something new, teachers who faithfully offer the same classes every semester so kids can count on that stability, just all around GREAT teachers.  This year still has some needs, but I am so thankful for the teachers and staff thatGod abundantly provided for Jr./HS this year!

An awesome Senior class for Bible and tech kids in drama- I have a valid excuse to get out of the office and into the classroom every single day and be with some kiddos.  The fact that they are awesome just makes it that much better.

It caught me by surprise that:

Senior kids were supposed to always get top lockers.  I never knew it until distraught Seniors came to Ms. Carlson with their bottom locker numbers.  Thankfully we got it fixed and I know for next year πŸ˜‰

It is impossible for me to create a routine.  Out of our 6 school days, not one of them has been the same.  I’m trying to hold some consistent office hours when kids/adults know I will be in, but even that is hard.  I’m still trying to figure out how to make this daily surprises mesh with my “I πŸ’œ consistency” personality. It may be a career long pursuit…

Some of my tech boys are so excited to be reading our Narnia script, that they will gladly read a girl part, just so they can be reading aloud. And that it didn’t take long for many of us to put our British accents on (although two of my students were born with theirs).

How can you be praying?:

Pray for the Seniors and me in Bible class. That kids can be honest, and that God will go ahead of me daily, preparing our discussions and readings.  Ask God to continue giving me wisdom in each moment.

Pray for our book shipment from the US to get out of customs and into our classrooms!  Seriously, this is taking forever, even more forever than normal!

Pray for our first Youth group kicking off this coming Monday night!

Pray for our teacher’s retreat this weekend- for safety, fellowship, and if possible, beautiful weather!

Thanks for how you already pray, support, and encourage me.  Your partnership in this ministry helps me keep on keepin’ on.  May you see God’s blessings, provision, and presence all around you this week!