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Welcome Back!

I have a stamp- It’s official!!  I will use this stamp on all our SCCLC legal documents. I have a WGM stamp also, because I’m on Executive Committee, but this one feels like a bigger deal!

No one informed me that I get less vacation as an administrator than as a teacher, but in all fairness, I should have expected it.  I’ve been back in the office now for 2 weeks, creating plans, finalizing schedules and classrooms, getting ready for all sorts of orientations, and in truth, just finding my way.  Some things are the same every day, some moments greet me unexpectedly, but in everything, God has led 100%.  Parents have already been in to talk. Sometimes our conversations ended in tears, but even in those times I could see the Lord leading.  Would you pray for all the coming conversations in English and Spanish that I will have this year with parents?  May our words be salt and light, directing us back to Jesus, the Living Water and Light of the world.

Our U.S. Supplies/Book order is in Bolivia… In Customs.  I worked for months getting that thing compiled, ordered, shipped, and trying to get all our paperwork in order.  I can’t imagine doing it without our Business administrator and her staff- Elizabeth and Jessica have been doing so much on the Bolivian side that would have driven me to tears if it was my responsibility.  So, we are waiting for customs to tell us we can bring all that paperwork downtown and go through every single item to make sure it matches our invoices. Ask God for favor on our behalf with the customs officials.  Ask Him to help us see what details might be missing in our documentation, BEFORE we get downtown.

On top of the school duties, I have been helping get our WGM volunteers here and settled in.  As Volunteer Coordinator, I’ve been emailing with these wonderful people for months, excited to have them here, and thankful for their willingness to serve Jesus and Bolivia.  In the coming weeks and months, they will have lots to learn and remember. Sometimes it’s as simple (but important) as, “Don’t flush the toilet paper!”  Other times it will be more intense- how do I access my U.S. Bank account, how long do I soak my veggies, what do we use here instead of ______, or how do I get back from here?  You do such an amazing job partnering with me in prayer, would you consider adding Mary, Jonathan, or Shirley to your prayer list this year?  Lift them up so that our Father will be glorified in them and through them this year.

Not all of my life is busy with work.  Friends are starting to come back for another year of ministry.  On Friday, we are having an Olympics Opening Ceremony Party, in which we each chose a country to represent in clothes and food. I’m Greece.  I also have the kitten, Greebo.  He is still super playful and learning how not to use claws except for defense.  We had a scary moment with one of the guard dogs, but thankfully Greebo’s claws served him well.  I won’t always include a cat pic, but just so you can see how beautiful he is:


So, this is my life: supporting God’s work, loving people, and training a kitten.  I am enjoying having time to get everything done because life gets a lot busier starting Aug, 9 with Teacher Orientation and continuing through until Aug. 23, Student Orientation.  After that it’ll be leaning hard on the Lord until June 16, I bet.

Thank you for walking this road with me.  I wouldn’t even want to do it without your love, prayers, encouragement, and partnership.  I am blessed to know you!



Scroll down for a few more pics and prayer requests, if you’d like!

That’s my office & That’s my chair- That’s where I have already felt your prayers and sit confidently knowing your prayers go with me and that Jesus is right by my side, no matter what. Pray that I will know when to be in the office, when to be in a classroom, and when to be in God-honoring discussions, wherever they will happen.


This is our major construction project over vacation.  We had to completely empty the Theatre classroom, Pre K, Kinder, 1st, and 2nd grade classrooms of EVERYTHING so that we could raise the floors and sidewalks.  Our hope is that this will greatly reduce the likelihood of our classrooms flooding during rainy season.  We’ve also raised the sidewalks in other areas on campus.  More floor raising to come these next few years!  Pray, pray, pray, that this construction gets finished soon, so teachers are able to move back into their classrooms and get ready for the year.   Many classrooms are being used as storage for these empty rooms.  So, those teachers will have to wait for construction to be done as well before rearranging their rooms.



And this is our tagline that was adopted a couple years ago: Redeemed Lives, Quality Education, Transformed Society.  As a school, we are working to make sure everything fits in those categories.  But we can’t do it alone.  There are still vital roles to be filled for this next school year.  There are still teachers planning to be down here but without all of their needed financial support.  We need you to be prayer warriors on our behalf, calling on the Lord and trusting with us that He will always meet our needs.

These last few weeks I have had Scripture, devotionals, Facebook photos, and conversations all surrounding God’s goodness, His faithfulness, and His timing.  I’m so thankful He keeps sending me reminders that He is my provider.

Comment here (or on Facebook) and let me know:

  1. How have you seen God provide lately?
  2. In what ways are you waiting for Him to show up as only He can?


Want to go Behind the Scenes in your own neighborhood?

Ask a teacher in your own school corporation if there is a way that you can help support them.  It might be praying for that teacher, or buying some needed supplies, or simply taking the time to listen.  Let’s invest in students all over the world!