High School Camp! Who is your super hero?

Hey all! I wanted to get a quick word out about this week’s camp. It’s a great opportunity for our high schoolers to get out of the city for five days, have some good (crazy) times, and get to dive in to learning more about this faith walk with Jesus. We leave Monday morning from school and will get back to school Friday afternoon around 3. I’m heading out as a counselor, hopefully for 11-12th grade girls. I imagine I’ll also be a team leader for group activities and generally help out wherever is needed.  

While my own camper experiences always happened during the summer, SCCLC camps happen in Feb and March. So, students have an added incentive of missing a week of classes to be at camp.  This is both a perk and, sometimes, a frustration, especially when you have campers who come to camp with hard, unwilling hearts and complaining attitudes. It happens.  On the whole though, it is an awesome week of being with students!

So, would you pray for a variety of concerns throughout this week?

  1. Hearts that are softened and obedient towards the Holy Spirit.  We know that God’s word never comes back empty, but we also know there are lots of different kinds of heart soul. So, pray for a rich soil that the Word can root into deeply and bear fruit!
  2. Fellowship, love, and unity to flow throughout the campgrounds.  Pranks and jokes are a part of camp, but ask God to send swift conviction against any idea that is designed to break another person or tear someone down.  Ask God to send a clear vision and wise understanding to all the leaders to take care of little issues before they become big ones.  And ask God for His children to love as He has loved us.
  3. Strength and stamina and protection- for leaders and campers alike!
  4. Fun!  Because we want the students to want to come back next year 🙂 

Thanks everyone!!

The main meeting room looks awesome!  

Photo cred: KB Wilcke

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