Settling In 

I sent an email to a couple of friends who had asked for an update, and I figured I could post parts of it here as well.  I’ve been almost 3 weeks in Bolivia and time is flying.  I’m adjusting and settling into both my house and my ministry.  Read on for more details…
I have been really blessed this re-entry to not have as much loneliness and homesickness as I usually do. The flip side is that, while I am full of peace and a sense of well being, there is not as much ecstatic joy as I’m used to. Honestly, I think God is just mercifully keeping my emotions fairly even instead of all over the place. That’s different from my other terms, but I’m incredibly thankful for His steadfast love. All of my suitcase items are unpacked and have a home- my belongings that were in storage take a little more time. As I unpack each box and trunk I’m surrounded by dust, dirt, and always a few bugs (some alive, some just leaving evidence behind). So, everything that comes out of a trunk has to get a thorough cleaning before I can find a place for it. Thankfully, my fellow missionaries made sure my house was clean before I got back. What a blessing to be ready to move in as soon as I arrived. All the cleaning means that it takes much longer to get completely settled in. But, with having Monday and Tuesday off for Carnaval, I am almost done! Thank goodness! Little by little, my house feels more like home.

My role at the school is mostly one of observing and helping for this second semester. I had a wonderful meeting with the Director and current HS Principal where we established that all of us were walking by faith and so excited that the Lord is leading our transition. That means I may not get much certainty as far as a job description, but Revelation never lets us forget how God is in control now and forever! So, I’m able to rest in the surety of His timing and that we all are looking to Him for wisdom. A coworker had to leave suddenly for her father’s funeral in the U.S, so I ended up teaching Algebra for 8 days. I’m also in charge of getting our book order organized, ordered, and paid for in these next couple of weeks. Pray for all those details. It’s a huge job, and if our information is not PERFECTLY filled out according to Bolivian customs, it will cost more time and money to get them released from customs once they finally arrive in June. I’m nervous about the process, but confident that I’m filling an urgent need and God will see me through it. In another week, I’ll be taking over an English class of 10 Seniors. The current HS English teacher is teaching 5 different English classes right now, so I’m taking this one to help her continue do well and stay sane in all her others.

Some prayer requests for this week:

I’ll be speaking for 3 minutes on love in Chapel tomorrow.  Pray that God will help me focus my words and that He’ll do the rest, both in chapel and throughout this semester.  Pray that students will willingly embrace God’s love for them and then freely hand that love out to everyone around them.

Pray that I will be mindful of all the details I need to remember in doing the book order, and that I’ll let God guide me through this process just like any other.

Pray for a yearning that can only come from the Holy Spirit and only be satisfied by Him. All of us need a deeper thirst and love, not only for our personal relationship with Jesus but so that others can be drawn to Him through us.  Pray for all of us, faculty, staff, administration, student, believer and non-believer, that we would seek Jesus while He may be found.
Thanks for walking with me in ministry!  What God does here, He does through the working of His Holy Sprit and the obedience of His people.  Isn’t it great that we get to share in His plan? 🙂

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