Monthly Archives: January 2016

It’s not about me

It seems like most of my sharing on here and Facebook lately has been on waiting, trusting, and accepting God’s timing as perfect for my life and journey.  It’s an important time for me to learn as much as I can from God about His character and my own.  But as I was praying tonight, I began to get another perspective. What if this timing thing is about more than me?  What if God’s vision really is big enough to handle ALL our needs in His own perfect timing? Of course it is. So, what if my being told to wait is partly because someone else needs to hear, “Come.” 

So, this is me, adding my voice to His. Come. Come to Christ and receive forgiveness for sins, reconciliation to the Father, and an eternal love relationship that can never be taken away.  Come to daily fellowship through Scripture and prayer to discover Jesus more and more.  Come to missions through your volunteering, giving, and praying- be brave enough to invest in people who are investing in transformation. Come.

And see.  See what God will do when you give Him yourself, all of it, everyday.  And share what you learn through coming to Jesus.