Because of the Lord

Ever have trouble getting out of bed?  Maybe the night was too long, maybe the upcoming day looks too hard, maybe it’s just that the bed is so comfortable and the world is not.  For whatever reason, some days it’s just hard to get going.

Maybe you noticed that I haven’t been blogging every week like I wanted and intended.  Partly, it’s because I don’t feel like I have much to report.  I’ve finished my M.Ed. degree, I’ve been helping my sister and the family through the rest of her chemo and her surgery, I’ve been loving on people and trying to find ways to help out.  I’ve been enjoying some last moments with my family before I head back to Bolivia after Christmas.  I’ve been studying Revelation. Like I said, it doesn’t feel like I’ve been doing much.  But early this morning it sank in, once again, it’s not about me.

lamentationsverseWhat I’ve done shouldn’t be my focus- it’s what the LORD has done, every single morning.  He has woken us up with a new song of faithfulness and mercy; He has prepared good works beforehand for us to walk in them; He rejoices over us with singing, comforts us when we mourn, encourages us in our weakness, and shows us our unfaithfulness, all because of his faithfulness, love, mercy, and righteousness.  Wow.

So, if the morning looks a little too much and the bed seems a little too comforting, take a moment to hear the voice of the One who calls you out, raises you up, and sets you next to Him as a co-heir with Christ.  Hallelujah! What a Savior!

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  1. This is such a helpful perspective for me when I have a hard time getting up one more day, too! Thank-you!


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