Living the College Life

So, this has been my life since Friday: 

  One of my supporters is a Junior in college and she graciously opened up her already tight sleeping space to me for the weekend.  The apartment is lovely really, it’s just the bedroom arrangement that’s snug. You see, one of her former roommates is getting married this weekend, so she’s been sleeping over for the first three weeks of school.  As much as we’ve been tiptoeing around each other, mostly late at night or in the morning, we’ve had a great time, and I’ve been reminded how much I love community.  I spent Saturday connecting with some Asbury and KMBC friends that I hadn’t seen since this summer.  I worshipped and had Sunday dinner with my Regional Directors who live about 30 minutes away, and then I got to spend tonight sharing my mission journey with 65 college students at WGM Global Cafe and encouraging them to see what God has already given them to use for partnering in missions.  I’m praying for them, that they will discover missions in a new way this year.  Tomorrow, I get to speak to Ed majors and I’m praying God will use me once again to show people the joy of serving Him.   
Living in community with all of these wonderful people has kept me laughing and rejoicing to see how God is moving all around us.  And that’s why we need each other.  So that we don’t get lost in the sea of humanity, so we don’t lose our humanity in the tyranny of our own pursuits, so that we can pick each other up, hold each other close, and direct our gazes always to Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of our faith. May you find strength, joy, hope, and purpose in the Body this week.   May you walk in the strength of our 3-stranded cord.


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  1. So thankful you had a great weekend! I know God helped you plant some seeds for Missions and His kingdom purposes for these great students!


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