What’s the bigger miracle?

healing-bible-verseWhen I had my wisdom teeth removed in high school, the surgeon told mom, “It was an amazing surgery. I’ve hardly seen one like it.”  She calmly told him that a perfect surgery was what we had all prayed for.  I don’t know if that doctor ever accepted Christ, but I do know that experience changed how I pray for medical results and procedures.  On Tuesday, mom’s doctor repeatedly called her procedure “perfect,” and on Friday we learned that Kimberly’s tumor didn’t even show up on her ultrasound!  As a family, we are praising God for his healing touch and the physical miracles of this week.  But, it also made me wonder about the miracles we ask for…

When Jesus was visiting in Nazareth, his townspeople expected to see the same type of miracles and healing that they’d heard about.  The Gospel of Mark (chapter 6) tells us:

And He could do no miracle there except that He laid His hands on a few sick people and healed them. And He wondered at their unbelief.  And He was going around the villages teaching.

Jesus could have done so much more- He wanted to transform lives.  He could’ve opened their blind eyes and given them hearts of flesh to replace their hearts of stone.  But, they didn’t believe; and Jesus wondered.  I imagine he wonders much the same at our own unbelief.  How many times are we content with earthly moments of wonder, when what Christ really wants is to involve us in shaking up eternity?

I’m not done praying about mom’s procedure and Kimberly’s cancer journey.  I’m still asking Jesus to call their doctors to himself and bring them into a saving relationship with him.  I’m asking him to use us in the process.  And I’m asking that, somehow, we would be able to know their decisions and rejoice with them when they happen.  I’m praying for an eternal shift.

Have you ever asked God for something, only to receive an even bigger answer?

What are you praying for now?

If you want, respond in the comments, so that we can all lift each other’s requests up and rejoice in how Jesus answers our prayers.

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  1. Thanks Emily for sharing how faithful God has been to our family in our many health struggles! You are an answer to prayer because you are such a help to all of us! I love you! Momma


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