How do you handle when God says, “Wait”?

  • I’m at peace with it; God knows what He’s doing.
  • I get frustrated and discontent.
  • I’m excited! Who knows what God is up to?!
  • I’m scared- who knows what God is up to!
  • Any or ALL of the above, depending on how much I want or think I need a more definite answer.


This entire Homeland Ministry Assignment has been a beautiful, sometimes frustrating, transforming season of God’s timing in my life.  14 months ago, I thought I knew how God would meet my needs and get me back to Bolivia.  A year ago, I thought I understood how He would do it (since He obviously hadn’t done what I previously thought). With interspersed surprises followed by long spells of nothing really changing, at 6 months ago, I started praying specifically that God would move, opening and closing opportunities so clearly that we’d see Him working, so that none of us would have any doubt in His timing for me to get back to Bolivia.

I knew God was keeping me in the U.S. to teach me more about becoming an administrator, to use me as His tool for others to know and love Him more, to connect with others who need to know how much God uses them in His ministry in Bolivia and in my life.

I never dreamed God was saying, “Wait” because of this: 


3 years ago, my sister was battling breast cancer.  At the end of June, she started the fight again.  It’s not metastasis of her previous cancer, and we are so thankful!  But, it’s aggressive and Triple Negative, and the struggle is real.

God knew the whole time I was restless and ready to get back to Bolivia, He knew the whole time that we, as a family, were soaking up every minute of being together, He knew every time I had no clue what He was doing, He knew I would need to be in the U.S. longer than any of us planned.

 So, even though, financially, I’m only about $100 in monthly pledges away from being able to return, and academically, I’ll finish my Master’s in Educational Leadership in the middle of October, I’m going to stay in the U.S. until after Christmas, looking to put my feet back on Bolivian soil around January 3-4, 2016.  

And I’m so thankful God said, “Wait.”

  1. I’m thankful because God’s given me freedom to stay and take care of my family, and they can take care of me, in this hard time.
  2. I’m thankful because I get to see some of you in Kentucky at Asbury University on August 28-31, when I speak to students at Global Cafe on Sunday night and, hopefully, find a time to meet with education majors on Friday or Monday.
  3. I’m thankful because I will attend a biblical counseling conference in October, to become better equipped to offer counsel and hope to those who are struggling with issues like sexuality, gender, relationships, and other areas of pain and brokenness in our world.
  4. I’m thankful because I know God will use this time for His good purposes, and I can’t wait to see How he lets me be a part of it.

How do you respond when God says, “Wait”?


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