Senior Trip, Part 3 – Sucre

This was my favorite place.  I wish I had gotten more pictures so you could see how beautiful it was.  Like I said, Abby and I arrived a day early, but we spent most of the day resting.  We’d venture out for a meal, walk around town a bit, and then head back. I worked with the hotel to get everything ready for the big group (also arriving at 3:30 am) and moved into a new room that I would share with Debbie.  Everyone arrived safely, although there had been a few scary moments with some girls being followed to the bathroom and a boy’s backpack getting stolen.  There were eager to tell me all about what I had missed of day 2 in Uyuni, but mostly they were just tired.  So, we bundled them off to bed and told them to get ready to see Sucre later that morning.

While touring Sucre, we got to see a castle that had an orphanage attached: Image

And the Casa de la libertad, where the Bolivian Constitution was signed:


Not quite so historical, but interesting nonetheless, were the zebras that were directing traffic.  Don’t ask me why.


That evening, before we left, we tried to see the fountain of dancing lights.  We walked across town to a beautiful park with a very dark pond.  The fountain was undergoing maintenance.  Insert sad faces here:


And so our journey ends with us catching the flight back to Santa Cruz the next day and then sleeping as much as possible before school on Monday.  Even with the sleep, we all were exhausted but happy come Monday morning.

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