My two lives

I can’t keep my lives apart from each other, although they happen on two separate continents.  In one, I’m an independent, responsible, hard-working missionary teacher who loves kids from all over the world.  In the other, I’m the youngest of three “kids,” blessed to love and be loved, and making the most of the time I have with my fam.  Typically I’m only home for about 2 weeks at Christmas, but this year, my second life was able to take precedence over the “summer” months. 

This summer, I’ve come home to walk with my sister through her cancer journey.  She was diagnosed in February and has already undergone most of her chemotherapy.  I’ve been blessed to take her to the last two chemo treatments.  Both times I’ve seen how much she cares about those who are caring for her.  She’s interested in their lives and does her best to make their time together full of kindness and warmth.

As I watch my sister, both aware of her illness and how God uses it to point people to Himself, I know how blessed I am to be with her at this time, in this place.

I’m also able to spend time with some of my supporters this summer.  I have to make good use of the time when we’re on the same continent, right?  So, if you are around Indiana and would like to get together, please let me know!  Since I’m traveling, email is the best way to contact me: or


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