Hello world!

I’ve tried blogging for years and have never done well.  Sometimes I think my life just isn’t interesting enough; other times I’m so tired that I just don’t have the energy to tell the world about it.  But, I’d like to make a habit of blogging weekly (at least) to show how God is working in my life and through my life.  Hopefully this will encourage those of you who support me to see how God is using you as well!

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  1. Emily,
    Great presentation tonight!!! If I could leave my family high and dry, I would follow you to Bolivia. The house would have to be sold and family ties cut. You convinced me the work is important and I could fit in someplace. Convince my wife to go is a problem. I don’t know how blogging works …. see you in the morning!


    • Hey Jim! I’m so thankful that God spoke to you last night, and I’m thankful to know you 🙂 I hope to see you at Camp meeting tonight. And I’d love for God to make it possible for us to serve together in Bolivia someday. You know you can come as a volunteer for a short time, right 🙂 Maybe your wife would be willing to come for a few weeks.


  2. I miss you this week. I hope you made it home ok! Keep in touch.


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